Gugoco's Romantic "Ser" Collection

If you’ve been browsing our site lately, you might have noticed that our jewelry inventory has recently expanded. Our Ser Collection began with a few necklaces made of sterling silver and plated with 18K gold. We wanted to create a unique piece of romantic jewelry that drew from our Armenian heritage, but that could also be worn by anyone who wanted to try out a stylish new accessory. Recently, we decided to expand the Ser line extensively. Although you can still find Gold plated necklaces in our collection, we’ve added many new pieces crafted with pure 18K Gold.

We envisioned the Ser necklace to be a symbolic piece that captures the essence of romantic love. The design works on multiple levels; first and foremost the centerpiece is “Love” written in graceful Armenian lettering, which translates to “Ser.” We wanted to showcase the exquisite beauty of Armenian calligraphy in a modern, stylized way. The curves of the letters are at once strong and gentle, meant to evoke the subtle passion of devotion. On another level, the design also works as the pulse of a heartbeat, the gentle undulating waves of life and love.


The Ser design is a very versatile piece of jewelry. For instance, as a ring, Ser makes for a stunning engagement or wedding band.

The piece can also be adorned with diamonds, adding that extra touch of elegance. As a chain bracelet with a birthstone, it becomes a personal and luxurious fashion statement. As an 18K necklace or cuff bracelet, the piece is a touching anniversary gift, or makes a special statement for any amorous occasion.

Essentially, it doesn’t matter if the wearer or giver is Armenian or not. It’s equally as meaningful a gift to an Armenian woman or non-Armenian, and anyone can appreciate the luxury and subtlety behind the design.