Cilicia Collection

Treasures of the ancient kingdom

Inspired by the Pearl of the Mediterranean - Cilicia Armenian Kingdom, this collection is about the unique beauty created by the fusion of raw metals and sophisticated details.

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Nova® Cross


NOVA is the new statement cross that presents the rebirth of traditional Armenian blossomed cross. It not only talks about your Armenian ancestry but also about your refined taste for extraordinary and luxury things.

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Ararat Heart® Collection

Heart in the highlands

Spreading tradition through modern minimalistic shapes. This handcrafted artistic jewelry is here to say "sky over mountains, heart over mind, and love overall."

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Hatiq® Collection

Charms of Armenian Heritage

HATIQ collection features elegant silver charms with distinct Armenian symbols based on the ancient Armenian Heritage.

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Ser® Collection

Love is a simple script

Our handcrafted SER collection is about all the ways to say "I love you". Whether it’s a gift for an amorous occasion, or simply a stylish complement to her dress, the SER piece gives an aura of passion, dedication, and sensual romance. Personalize your gift by choosing SER items with birthstones.

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Trchnakir® Collection

Bird-Letter Pendants

If you’re particularly intrigued by the ancient Armenian alphabet, the Bird Letter collection showcases beautiful calligraphy designs in the traditional style, either gold plated or in full 18k gold. 

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The Perfect Armenian Gift

Giving a Gugoco gift is the perfect way to express your love and care, showing your pride or appreciation of Armenia’s culture and radition. No matter if it's a simple silver charm featuring something Armenian and "pupush", or a more complex item showing the intricacy of Armenian religious symbolism, an Armenian gift holds special meaning and purpose for the giver and the receiver.