From Heart to Soul: History and Symbolism in the Wish Charms Collection

"Have you ever visited St. Vartan Cathedral in New York? This architectural masterpiece, belonging to the Armenian Apostolic Church, was built in 1968 by Walker O. Cain of the firm Steinman, Cain & White, with Édouard Utudjian as a consultant. Our visit to this sacred place was not just a chance encounter; it was a serendipitous moment that ignited the creation of one of our most recent collections - the Wish Charm collection.

The Cathedral is a magnificent testament to Armenian heritage. Its design features the iconic pointed silhouette reminiscent of medieval Armenian churches, crowned by a conical roof known as 'veghar' in Armenian. Adorning the church's façades are pairs of slender niches adorned with vibrant, stained glass windows.

Armenian Church in NY

What truly captured our attention during our visit were the small copper plaques adorning the glass arcade that separates the main hall from the entry (narthex). These plaques, with their simple yet profoundly meaningful symbolism, bore the words: Hope, faith, love, and baptism, or in Armenian - հույս (houys), հավատ (havat), սեր (serr), and մկրտություն (Mykyrtutyun). These plaques, with their simple yet profoundly symbolic design, featured the words: Hope, Faith, and Love, or in Armenian - հույս (houys), հավատ (havat), սեր (serr). Each word was accompanied by a symbol that beautifully encapsulated its meaning.

Each word is accompanied by a symbol representing its essence. For instance, a shield symbolizes faith, signifying our unwavering trust in God's kindness and mercy. Our faith shields us from the forces of evil and adversity. The word hope is depicted alongside an anchor, an ancient symbol of hope that has roots in early Christianity. This anchor not only symbolizes our hope for salvation through Christ but also our personal strength and stability in times of uncertainty. Lastly, love, the most profound sentiment in life and Christian belief, is beautifully portrayed by a heart.

Hope, faith, and love hold a special place in the Armenian Apostolic Church, serving as the cornerstones of Armenian belief and existence. Inspired by these timeless virtues, we've meticulously crafted a collection of charms that bear these inscriptions, symbolizing the core values of the Armenian people.

Each word, meticulously calligraphed, is intertwined with a symbol that embodies its meaning: Hope is paired with an anchor, faith with a shield, love with a heart, the cross with the traditional Armenian blossomed cross, life with the biblical tree of life often found in Armenian manuscripts, and baptism, the only rectangular pendant in the collection, is accompanied by the symbol of a dove representing the Holy Spirit's descent during baptism.

Hope, faith, and love are revered as the core virtues in the Armenian Apostolic Church and serve as the foundation of belief and existence for Armenians. This inspired us to create a collection of charms featuring these words, each delicately calligraphed and intertwined with a symbol that embodies its essence. Hope paired with an anchor, faith with a shield, love with a heart, and more - you have a myriad of meaningful symbols to choose from.

Each pendant is fashioned as a circular gold medallion with a textured matte surface, creating a stunning contrast with the glossy lettering. 

Armenian Jewelry Wish Charm

Wearing one of these charms isn't just a tribute to Armenian culture; it also grants you the mystical protection associated with its meaning. Whether you adorn yourself with one of these symbols or gift it to someone you hold dear, you'll bear witness to the enchanting beauty and profound power that these charms exude."


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