Connect your heart to your mind

Keep your state of mind in peace, revise your memory into wisdom in the most elegant and intelligent way with Archivarius - the new sophisticated form of classic rosaries. Archivarius is an exclusive sequence with the power of natural stones and chic of precious metal elements. They are crowned with Biblical Ararat beads, have selectional Signature Gugoco Charm to highlight your statement, and are accomplished with silky and delicate tassel.


Black Archivarius®Black Archivarius®
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Black Archivarius®

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White Archivarius®
White Pearl Archivarius® symbolizes femininity, beauty, sincerity, and a new beginning. White Pearl is known to have a property of profound peace of mind. All the Archivarius metal details are gold-plated silver. The freshwater pearls are gently divided by fine silver beads, underlining its delicacy.