Gugoco is a family-owned, contemporary jewelry and art boutique inspired by the rich culture of Armenia. Drawing from millennia of Armenian tradition, we present this ancient heritage through a modern and refined lens. Just like the famous classical cultures of Egypt, Greece, and Rome, Armenian tradition has its own distinct, characteristic style. At Gugoco, we’re honored to showcase the beauty of Armenia for the modern generation. With our intricate iPhone cases, chic jewelry and trendy fashion, we hope to bring Armenian heritage to the forefront of our culture.



Gugoco began simply as a hobby. Our initial drive was that we wanted to share the beauty of Armenian art with the world, Armenian and non-Armenian alike. Exploring and experimenting with ancient motifs, we created unique silver pendants and hand-painted phone cases. We started to get a lot of positive feedback from our friends and family, who encouraged us along the way and inspired us to develop our unique pieces on a wider scale.

After many revisions and transformations of our original designs, and so much amazing input from our customers, we finally arrived at our finished products. All of the energy and spirit of our family, community and our culture came together to create these elegant gifts we believe embody the essence of Armenia.


Armenian Culture, New York Style

As Armenians who now live in New York, sometimes we can’t help feeling far from our mother country. Memories of the idyllic landscape and rich culture tend to fade over time, and instead, we recall the symbols and representations of the country we love, rather than the whole experience. Still, that tradition and landscape are still embedded deep in our DNA, so you never really forget where you came from.

Blending our experience living in cosmopolitan New York with the powerful symbols of Armenia (magnificent Ararat, the ancient cathedrals, etc.), we aim to create gifts and works of art that present our culture with a modern aesthetic.


Ser: Our Signature Collection

One of our most popular signature jewelry collections is “Ser”, which means “Love” in Armenian. Think back to the carefree days of childhood; when we were young, we often secretly carved romantic script into the school desk, innocent expressions of young love. We wanted to capture this same feeling with “Ser”; playful and poetic, our Ser collection of rings, pendants, and bracelets strike a deep chord with many. If we had to pick one of our gifts that combines emotion, style, and the beauty of the Armenian language, this would be it.


What Sets Our Gifts Apart

Although all of the wonderful items in our boutique are inspired by our love of Armenian culture, these are not souvenirs. Instead, these gifts serve as a gentle reminder of the richness of Armenian heritage. Rather than just being a token gift, each piece represents the unique essence and feeling of Armenia.

Aside from this important distinction, Gugoco gifts are also unique in terms of the technology and craftsmanship that goes into each piece. We’ve worked hard to develop highly intricate pieces of the best quality, and most of the items in our boutique are handcrafted or hand-painted with meticulous detail.


Our Customers

Appreciation from our customers is what keeps us going and what fuels our innovation. We value the interrelationship and connection between our family at Gugoco and the community that supports us. One-on-one dialogue with our customers is a big part of this; we meet many of our customers personally and are always happy to have them in our office here in New York to chat and hear their suggestions.

 In fact, you can find us meeting members of the Gugoco community at a Starbucks in Brooklyn, the wonderful Armenian hotspot of LA, or even digitally in countries across the globe like France! We’re always happy to connect and learn from our fans!

You might have noticed we call you “Jan” in many of our emails because we like to make things personal :)