The Perfect Armenian Gift

Giving an Armenian gift is the perfect way to express your love of Armenia’s culture and tradition. Whether it be a simple silver charm featuring the majestic Mount Ararat, or a more complex art panel showing the intricacy of Armenian religious symbolism, an Armenian gift holds special meaning and purpose for the giver and the receiver.

Of course, gifts with Armenian motifs and themes are usually exchanged between those of Armenian heritage. Although Christmas definitely promotes the most gift giving, birthdays, graduation parties, and even housewarming parties are great times to show some love for the mother country.

Armenian Holiday Gifts

For an Armenian Christmas, it’s always nice to receive something with religious symbolism to honor the true meaning of the holiday. Armenian phone cases are an ideal gift for most; it’s chic, cool and pretty, and the intricate symbol of the cross holds and a deep and powerful meaning. You can even take it one step further and give a Nativity decorated Armenian phone case.

Or you can always go without the religious icons for a more subtle, yet equally beautiful design. Armenian art is so unique that it’s sure to delight everyone, but especially non-Armenians who may have never seen these kinds of elegant designs.

Unique Armenian Gift Ideas for Every Occasion

Armenian themed iPhone or Android cases are also a great birthday gift for both men and women. Enamel charms also make a wonderful birthday gift for your female friend or relative; for graduation, bird letter pendants inspired by the Armenian alphabet are another heartfelt choice and honor their Armenian roots.

For weddings and other romantic occasions like Valentine’s day, the Ser collection is ideal to express the spirit of love.armenian gift idea


Finally, there’s no better way to celebrate someone moving into their new home than with a beautiful Armenian art panel like Pano. Armenians are proud of the beauty of their culture, so it’s a great gift between Armenian friends.Armenian Gift Idea

Armenian Gifts Are for Everyone

Although Armenian gift giving is common within the culture, giving Armenian gifts to non-Armenians and vice versa is encouraged too. For instance, nothing’s more surprising and heartwarming to an Armenian to receive an Armenia-inspired gift from their non-Armenian friend. This shows thoughtfulness and appreciation of the culture on the part of the gift giver.

In the same way, an Armenian giving a beautiful gift to a non-Armenian is touching as well. Most people love to learn about artistic beauty from around the world, and the Armenian motifs are so unique and striking that one of these gifts are sure to delight and awe the receiver.Armenian Gift

So don’t be afraid to share Armenian culture with your friends, even if you’re not Armenian! Armenians are friendly people and the more of us who appreciate the traditions and history, the better!