Gifts for Baby: Armenian Silver Spoons

When children are young, it’s important to cherish every moment with them. After all, it’s not long before they’re talking and walking, and before you know it, they’re off to college! One of the many bonding experiences parents can have with their baby is at mealtime. Feeding a child by spoon is a touching and heartwarming experience, albeit sometimes a messy one! ;)

It’s essential to have a high-quality spoon used solely for feeding the baby. The reason is simple: the baby comes to appreciate their special spoon and gets used to associating it with mealtime. Their spoon is one of the first objects they interact with, so it’s important that it looks pleasant and feels comforting and nice to the touch.

Armenian Baby Gift

Here at Gugoco, we’ve developed the perfect spoon for your baby. Each of our three 100% sterling silver spoons feature a different Armenian motif; the symbol of the Cross, Grapes, and of course, the Pomegranate. Without a doubt, this is a great utensil to have for any Armenian family. The cross reminds one of Armenia’s religion and culture, the grapes represent Armenia’s rich land and heritage, and the pomegranate is of course a celebration of fertility and bounty. All are wonderful symbols to have in your kitchen and for your baby to learn about from a young age.

Armenian Spoon

Our spoon also makes a great gift for a baby shower. If your Armenian friend or relative is having a baby, they’ll adore the unique design of this thoughtful gift. Even if they’re not Armenian, any new parents would appreciate a spoon made of precious material. Our silver spoon is great for any young child, and can also be given as a 1, 2 or 3 year birthday present.

Your child will come to appreciate the familiarity of their special spoon every mealtime. It certainly helps that it’s made of beautiful and shiny silver too - your baby will love to see their favorite spoon!