Armenian Jewelry: Inspired by Tradition

Jewelry has always played an important role in Armenia for millennia. Since ancient times, Armenian women have been adorned with elaborate displays of jewelry, crafted to perfectly complement the traditional red embroidered clothing. Typically, married women wore the widest assortment of jewels, including elaborate belts, bracelets, and pendants. Armenian men commonly wore jewelry as well, which signified their status and wealth.

Although trends have changed over the centuries, many themes from ancient Armenian jewelry still hold a prominent place in today’s contemporary jewelry. The symbol of the pomegranate and the eternity symbol are two classic Armenian motifs.

Today, Armenian jewelry is experiencing a renaissance of sorts, with Armenian designs and motifs becoming popular for everyday wear, even by non-Armenians. At Gugoco, all of the classic Armenian symbols are given new life. Although inspired by the traditional beauty of ancient Armenian culture, these new collections are designed in a clean and modern way.

One of the most popular is the Hatiq collection, which features elegant silver charms decorated with colorful enamel. Almost all of these charms have a distinct Armenian symbol: the pomegranate, an Armenian carpet design, St. Mariam based on the ancient illustrated scriptures, and Armenian letters based on ancient calligraphy.Armenian Carpet Jewelry

There’s even a separate collection of charms based on the eternal symbol of Mount Ararat.

Armenian Jewelry

If you’re particularly intrigued by the ancient Armenian alphabet, the Trchnakir collection showcases beautiful bird letter designs in the traditional style, either gold plated or in full 18k gold. 

Armenian Letter Pendant


While many of Gugoco’s jewelry is inspired by tradition, the Ser collection is a chic and modern romantic design that is ideal for the new generation. It features the word “Love” in Armenian, written as a stylized and graceful form in 18k gold. With all of the varied collections, there are plentiful opportunities to express your Armenian heritage or your love of Armenian culture in the way you want.

For some Armenians, they want a completely unique Armenian gift that no one else has. For this, it’s best to go to a custom jewelry studio. CadCamNYC is one custom studio that prides itself on its Armenian heritage, and they always love creating custom Armenian jewelry.Cad Cam NYC

If you want a special Armenian-themed engagement ring or other beautiful fine jewelry you can’t find anywhere else, CadCamNYC can help craft your ideal custom piece.

Although Armenian jewelry has changed a lot in terms of use and style, the traditional culture still brings beauty and life into contemporary Armenian jewelry design.