Heart in the Highlands: Spreading Tradition Through Modern Minimalistic Shapes

Ararat is not just a mountain, it’s a unique symbol that represents our Armenian identity. While we are used to seeing it in those traditional landscape paintings or pictures, we thought that we can also look at it from a fresher perspective. We think that Ararat is something really extraordinary and magical and breathtaking and we all have its picture in our genetic memory. So, we thought what if we presented Ararat as something really cool and new and modern?

In order to draw the whole picture for you, let’s speak a little bit about modern minimalistic architecture. Have you seen those really cool houses and buildings with a neat design free from any noise, looking more like a piece of art? I bet you have seen them.


So, our idea was to create jewelry that is very similar to modern architecture in terms of minimalistic design. And to achieve this vision, we decided to simply pick outlines i.e. the basic shapes of things. So, instead of picturing Ararat in the traditional way, the way people are used to seeing it (you know, the landscape picture where Ararat is all in snow facing the Ararat valley), we tried to simply use the shape of the mountain: only the two picks of it Sis and Masis. We incorporated this design into the shape of the heart and look what we got. 

This trend towards minimalistic shapes and simple lines makes even the oldest things look extremely attractive. Thus, we have picked Ararat’s silhouette which we all know so well and have given it a very minimalistic touch. We have chosen the simplest way of illustrating the image of Ararat.


Oftentimes, Ararat is associated with the feeling of longing and sometimes even sadness. However, we wanted to show the brighter side of it. We wanted to show the warm love and affection that we all have towards it. Ararat is love in itself, isn’t it? We have created that Ararat heart necklace with red enamel which is similar to the heart emoji which we usually use on our smartphones. At the same time, it shows us and reminds us of the love that we all have towards Ararat. So, for those who know what Ararat means to Armenians, the heart necklace has got some really deep message. And for those who are not so familiar with the Armenian history, our heart necklace can serve as just a really nice piece of jewelry.


Further on, the success of Ararat pieces brought us the idea of creating fun Ararat emojis. So, now with the help of this emoji jewelry, we hope to make Ararat look and feel happy, smiling, bright, and vivid. The youth loves emojis since it is a really very laconic way of communicating ideas. Sometimes, a simple emoji is enough to understand what a person wants to say. So here you go, fun Ararat emoji necklaces:  

Ararat collection is also really easily utilizable. It is meant for wearing nearly every day and nearly everywhere. You do not have to be at a fancy event to be able to wear your Ararat ring or Ararat necklace. You can bear your tradition with you anywhere you go, anytime you want.


Soon, we will be adding new awesome pieces to our Ararat collection: including bracelets, and necklaces. When we first started launching the Ararat collection, it was in gold only. And we didn’t even expect it to be so popular. Soon, we will be launching the silver version of our Ararat collection, a richer and a crazier one which our younger customers can afford buying.


Gugoco jewelry is a great way of spreading tradition. Behind each and every piece of our jewelry stands days of sleepless and detailed work. This we do to create the best possible jewelry that would contain a piece of Armenia in it and that would be really trendy at the same time.