Qami Scarves

The Kehhiyeh (or Shemagh) is a well-known Middle-eastern scarf that has recently become a popular fashion trend within the past few decades. Our team at Gugoco was inspired to use the Kehhiyeh design and transform it into something uniquely Armenian, and this is how we came up with QAMI.

The QAMI scarf is a symbol of freedom. The name itself means “wind,” and we wanted to connect the spontaneity and movement of nature with the adventurous spirit of youth.

Each piece is decorated in calligraphy using the ancient Armenian alphabet, and a classic Armenian architectural element makes up the central pattern.

QAMI is a distinctive ethnic fashion statement in that it is the first Kehhiyeh-inspired scarf with ancient Christian and Armenian designs. The scarf is unisex and exceptionally warm and comfortable, traditionally inspired and traditionally made.