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Ancient Armenian Traditions Come to Life

Armenian iPhone Case

You may have noticed that some of our iPhone and Android cases feature a beautiful and powerful Ancient Armenian symbol: The Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life is a prominent element of many religious and spiritual traditions throughout the world. It is an especially important part of Armenian culture, and is one of the main symbols found in ancient Armenian architecture and design. The symbol often appeared on soldier’s armor and was engraved into fortresses. Even the famous Khachkars, or Armenian Cross-Stones, are related to the Tree of Life symbol. These intricate religious steles found all over Armenia express the continuity of life in the same way as the fruitful tree.

On a personal level, the Tree of Life can be said to represent wisdom, strength, and courage. On a more societal or universal level, it represents abundance, peace and harmony. Religiously, the beautiful tree flourishing with fruit can represent the Garden of Eden and blissful paradise. To this day, the Tree of Life is still one of the most recognizable and powerful Armenian symbols.

We created the Tree of Life phone cases because we were inspired by the beauty of this Ancient Armenian motif. We wanted to develop a work of art that showcased the splendor of Armenian Tradition, but that was also sleek and modern. Thus, we designed our hand-painted and luxurious, walnut wood cases for the whole family to enjoy.

Our goal was to have the exquisite design highlight the unique style of the owner. Hand-finished phone cases are a rare novelty, and we wanted to create something that shows inimitable style and class. Available in gift-ready packaging, our Tree of Life iPhone and Android cases are a great accessory for anyone interested in the beauty of Armenian culture.

  • Aghasi Aghabalyan
  • The Tree Of Life