The Story Behind Our Armenian Phone Cases

Our customers often ask to learn more about our wood carved, artisan phone cases. They have such a unique appearance, texture and mystique, and this brings up a lot of questions about how they're made and what it's like to own one.

We've always taken care to make sure that our phone cases aren't just accessories, but actual works of art. A lot goes into the process, like selecting the perfect material and making sure we maintain the same consistency and quality from product to product. Although our cases may look delicate, they're built to last and we never reduce quality to make a cheaper product. In order to understand a little about how are phone cases are created, it's best to start from the beginning: the design.

Before a new phone case goes into production, our designers first need to dream up the beautiful imagery and decoration. All of our work is inspired by the rich culture of Armenia, and ancient motifs and symbols are given new life by our designers. The goal is to make something that captures the spirit of the motherland and transform this essence into a look that’s modern and stylish. One of our most popular designs is the "Tree of Life." Of course, this is an ancient image that resonates with Armenians and other culture alike, but it's designed in a contemporary way that captivates modern sensibility.

Armenian phone cases made of walnut wood and cherry wood

Only the highest quality walnut and cherry wood are selected to craft the final product, and this exquisite natural material is one aspect that makes our phone cases so prized and unique. It changes the whole experience of using your phone; instead of feeling a flimsy, featureless case, the subtle touch of smooth walnut wood brings a new quality to your device. Despite its sleek texture, it won't slip out of your hands. And each case fits perfectly for your particular iPhone or Android, with room for your camera, headphone jack, and buttons.


Finally, underneath the lovely exterior is a durable plastic frame, for extra strength and protection. And be sure to look out for our logo on the bottom as a quality symbol! There are some imitation products floating around online that don't follow the same rigorous quality and production standards that we at Gugoco are committed to.

So how do we maintain the same intricate detail from product to product? In order to capture that perfect detail and precision, we use professional laser engraving machines. This powerful technology carves tiny details deeply into the wood with no burn or residue. But of course, our product wouldn't be complete without an artist's touch.

Hand Painted Armenian Phone Case

Our team of artists actually hand paint every phone that ships out. It's this extra touch that sets our Armenian phone cases apart, and also makes them a perfect gift. Over time, the wear actually makes these wooden cases more pleasant to touch. Although some of the paint may fade over time, this gives your phone case a vintage, authentic look.

Armenian Phone Case with gift box

And since we care about the little details, you'll also get a nice charming gift box to go along with your case. This is great if you're planning on gifting one to a friend or family member. Because our Armenian phone cases are such a unique accessory, they make the perfect gift for a birthday or holiday. Although it's an ideal present for Armenians, anyone can appreciate the artistic quality and fine detail that goes into each and every case.