‘Eh’ (Է) Vosketar Necklace

$ 750.00

Classic pendant with the Armenian Vosketar® letter "է"  and original double chain necklace. This unique pendant is not only a stunning piece of jewelry but also a symbol that carries profound spiritual meaning.

The polished top layer of the letter creates a radiant contrast with the pendant's matte and antiqued surface.

When pronounced, the letter "է" resembles the sound of breath, thus associating it with the idea of God as the breath of life. It is also the 7th letter of the Armenian alphabet. Symbolically, the number 7 is known as the number of perfection or completion. Throughout the Bible, the number 7 is attributed to various acts of God and to God Himself, giving the letter "է" even greater significance. For the Armenian Church, the letter "է" and its meaning are considered holy. It is not only symbolic but also the name of God.


  • 18k Yellow Gold ~4gm.
  • Pendant Height 16mm
  • Adjustable Cable Chain Necklace  16 - 18 inches  (45 cm)  ~ 4gm.


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