Тhe Тriptych

$ 1,400.00

The panels featured on this piece show three separate scenes; the Annunciation, the Nativity, and Christ being announced in church. These intricate carvings are inspired by the Armenian miniatures found in revered illuminated manuscripts, and give a new, updated form to these compelling stories.

Each PANO piece is ornately carved in high quality walnut wood and fashioned in a beautiful frame. The panels are a vibrant expression of Armenian heritage and capture the essence of the modern generation. Display PANO proudly in your home or offer it as a gift to your closest loved ones. 

Masterful & elegant Armenian Art. 

  • Natural Dark Walnut Panels
  • Golden Acrylic Painted
  • Art Size: 9 x 9 in ( 23 x 23 cm )
  • Frame Size 15 x 15 in ( 38 x 38 cm )

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